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Open Feature request MC-124

Add times and sales window

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possibilities to filter volume (order size > x contracts)
possibilities to choose color for ask, bid, above ask, below bid, higher, lower etc...
possibilities to select number rows

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Comments (11)
user-offline.png  snoop (snoop)
31 janv. 2011 - 18:25

I understand developers are focused on implementing manual trading, but T&S is a must for such traders. Without this feature, I will still have to rely on a 2nd vendor, as time & sales is vital to my trading.

user-offline.png  tradereyal (tradereyal)
24 mai 2011 - 12:36

This funactionality is a basic prerequisite for serious traders, withoutit Multicharts isn't really usable for me. And I can't think of any other package which doesn't have this.

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
20 d?c. 2011 - 11:47

MC is fantastic, but without this basic feature it misses a quite vital part of a trading platform for active traders.
I believe that this is not necessary, because it's maybe not that hard to implement - I mean, every basic platform offers it.
And MC is absolutely in another league here...

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
14 juil. 2012 - 07:47

Horribly dissappointed. Just downloaded Multicharts. It solves several of my issues with other charting programs and consolidating accounts and brokers...but no time and sales...ugh.

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
27 juil. 2012 - 19:21

this should be a no brainer.....I have to use a second vendor (other platform) to see Time and Sales) 

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
05 ao?t 2012 - 00:37

Need to have a level 2 window with integrated time&sale. The best out there is Lightspeed window. All in one window, fully customizable. Nice thing about their window is the red and green windows that open on top every time you add or sell shares. Need to be able to open more than one at the same time. Now that you,ve added the hotkeys, it,s a nonsense that you don,t have a good level2. Not everybody trades with the DOM.

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
10 ao?t 2012 - 00:01

Such a promissing product and... what a dissappointment. I simply will not even subscribe after trial. According to google's keyword tool 5% use DOM, 95% L2 screen & TS. It's a very rough estimation but you get the idea.
GUI wise I like 3. Lightspeed, latest eSignal and EquityFeed - they are most readable visually.
Second vendor IS an issue because the two are not interlinkable, I don't care about the cost.

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
10 ao?t 2012 - 01:14

Interesting how old this feature request is and theres still no implementation of T&S. Why do they let us vote if they ignore us?

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
22 ao?t 2012 - 00:31

Amazing... I am reviewing several charting packages and looking to switch, and MultiCharts was one of the ones I was considering. Too bad they are too g.d. lazy to write a T&S window. I last considered MC about a year and a half ago and thought it silly that they did not have T&S, and was dumbfounded by the realization that this simple tool which so many rely on is not part of their software. Should take one programmer a few days to do this. MC is a product on the decline... serves them right for being such dipshi...s.

user-offline.png  trader (Adrian)
02 nov. 2012 - 13:03

Multicharts have come a long way. I agree with the comments that for manual active traders a Time and Sales is a must.
Off topic:
But so is a LIT order; we are all busy with nonesense, LIT order types is where one can really save a tick on (almost)-every entry; or let me put it this way: using a stop limit how many times do you find the price is going below your entry with at lease one tick? Exactly. Enter a limit order manually you are saying? No time for that, try placing in a hectic market a limit order one tick below the market - the market might just runn off without you on board.... just saying....

user-offline.png  nicefella (Id2)
12 d?c. 2012 - 06:54

Time and sales is a must for any day trader. I have used many major trading softwares. But Multichart has been the only major software that lacks that edge. You go dot.net etc, but you dont have a basic stuff. it is like a car without headlights. Simply unbelivable that developers dont care about users needs.

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