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Open Feature request MC-1258

[IntraBarPersist=true] Parameter.

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Super came up with an idea that would be very helpful. Have an [IntraBarPersist=true] Parameter which caused all variables, arrays, etc to be declared as IntraBarPersist. I have thought of this but was thinking more along the lines of a checkbox parameter in the study. However this approach is probably better since the user can quickly glance at the top of the study to see the setting. It might be a good idea if when an indicator/study is created that a list of these types of paramters be presented. Also a button on the Power Language editor which gave a list of possible paramters to include would be helpful.
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Reasons for this parameter.
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Less typing! That alone would make it worth while.
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Less bugs. I have had at least 10 bugs from not putting it in because I am not use to having to put it in. I work with another language daily and it does not use this paramter.
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FASTER! I am thinking it should not slow down MC. The problem with not having IntraBarPersist is that user code updates to variables,arrays are getting changed by the system itself on the read of the next tick unless the user update is done on the last tick of the bar. If done properly these user code updates should be done to variables (very fast), the variables are not changed by the system when the next tick comes in and these vaiables (being series variables) would be written to the underlying tables at BarStatus=2 time. Most programming languages work this way in that if the computer goes down all variable updates are lost unless you have written them to disk. No one complains about this and it would be crasy for disk writes to occur on every variable update and even more crazy for the system to change the user code updates without warning. So in effect this new bulk paramter Idea should speed processing up if the current IntraBarPersist keyword is causing repeated writes to an underlying disk table. 
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More Professional. - If MC has this in it makes MC look a lot better than TS (helps sales).
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TS compliment - This is a bit of a speculation for me since I have never used the real time TS but I assume that TS users can port in then use this parameter for new studies or after they have converted their studies to handle this new Paramter.
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Note: I created 3 other PM entries related to IntraBarPersist. They are numbered. 621, 622, 623. Some of them may not be needed if this paramter is implemented. However one of them for sure would be helpful.

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