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Open Feature request MC-127

Data Window Header Background Color Option to Change

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The headers in my data window are black text on dark gray backround
which makes it very hard to read quickly.
Allow the background to be set manually.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Look at data window where chart background is medium gray.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Feb 27, 2013 - 12:22

This request MC-1129 is for simulated trading - This is not a duplicate request to issue MC-127
Posted by Guest user (guest), Today, 10:39

Hello Andrew,
The Multicharts customer service is making fun of it's customers. I
created this request MC-1129, about 6 months back for simulated trading engine (which was closed today stating this my issue MC-1129 is a duplicate of issue MC-127.
The request MC-1129 is not a duplicate request to issue MC-127: Data Window Header Background Color Option to Change.
Kindly answer the following questions.
1- How can you close my request (created 6 months) back, without resolving it (EVEN after 6 months)?
2- Are you closing my request, just because it has 14 votes and you do not want to address an issue, which has 14 votes?
Kindly reopen this issue MC-1129 ASAP, since it is not resolved. Also kindly do not trouble your customers by CLOSING the tickets, without resolving them.

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