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Open Feature request MC-1277

Ability to add profiles to screen without having to add multiple instruments or ability to hide instruments from status line

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There currently is no way to add profiles of different durations to screen without having to add multiple instruments.
This usually involves having to add multiple instruments of the same symbol and timeframe.
For example, if I want to add a profile for daily sessions along with profiles for the previous 5,20,60 days I need to add symbols for each desired configuration or I have to go into the instrument preference screen and modify my profile configuration each time I want this to change. This is too much work.
There are two options here. 
1. A user should be able to add profiles to a chart without having to add multiple instruments. The current functionality should not change in the sense they should be able to choose arbitrary profile configurations along with the session on which the profile should be calculated.
2. If 1 is too difficult because of how this is designed a user should have the ability to at least show and hide symbols from the status line. If I have 4 symbols of the same type in my chart so that I can fullfill my market profile requirements there is no point in showing each in the status line so give me an option to hide them. Could be as simple as adding a checkbox in the format objects screen where there is an on/off option to show the instrument in the status line.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Add a profile to screen that computes daily, past 5 sessions, past 20 sessions, past 60 sessions, past 120 sessions.

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