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Open Feature request MC-1279

Ability to easily high/show indicators on Chart

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There currently is no easy method to show/hide indicators on a chart. And indicator has to either be added with the parameters defined and than removed.
There should be an option where a user could add an indicator to a chart and than have the ability to temporarily hide it.
This could be accomplished by clicking a drop down in the status line of the chart. When clicking this, it would resolve into a menu which displays all the indicators on the chart. From here the user would have the ability to temporarily turn off or on the indicator just by clicking this drop down. If they want to turn it back on they click the drop down again.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Example, add an indicator which can plot the monthly, weekly high/low/close and midpoint.  The daily vwap and weekly vwap and the pivot points for the day, week and month.  Also plot the previous days OHLC.  Add in some moving averages as well.
You end up with a very messy and cluttered chart.  If I want to turn off/on an indicator I have to delete it and re-add it.  It would be nice if I could just click the status line see a drop down and have the ability to hide/show my different indicators.

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