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Open Feature request MC-1318

Issues with trading multiple contacts

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For example, when trading 2 futures contracts with 2 different entry prices, Multicharts not only averages the entry prices, but also attached stops and trailing stops when prices go against entry, which defeats the purpose of the original strategy of having 2 stops and 2 trailing stops, 1 set for each of the contacts stages at specific price levels. In some cases, when profit target for contract 1 is hit, Multicharts closes both contracts and associated exit strategy for contract 1 but leaves exit strategies for contract 2 in place, which cause the exit strategies for contract 2 to become new orders to enter the market. Multicharts should at least offer the option not to average prices and leave orders intact as entered by the user without manipulation.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Create 2 orders , 1 contract each, at 2 different entry prices. Each order has its own stop loss, trailing stop and profit target attached. Observe the behavior described in the issue description section

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Apr 29, 2013 - 08:57

This is possible MultiCharts 8.5 Release: MultiCharts -> File -> Preferences -> Trading -> Exit Strategies Average Open Position Price -> select "calculated based on order execution price". Reconnection of broker profile is required to make the setting come into effect.

user-offline.png  S.A. (zegna1)
Apr 29, 2013 - 10:41

The option Henry suggested for not averaging entry and
strategy prices does NOT work. In other words, selecting 'calculated based on
order execution prices' under [File -> Preferences -> Trading -> Exit
Strategies Average Open Position Price] does not make any difference. It is
just another option for how prices are averaged.

The attached video clip, for Crude Oil June delivery,
demonstrates this BUG. Not only Multicharts averages entry prices placed at 2
different price levels, but also:

1) Shifts all associated exit strategies including Stop
Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Target for contract #1 from their original
locations based the newly calculated average price.

2) Upon hitting the first Profit Target, it closes both
contract #1 and contract #2 and all associated exit strategies for contract #1
(i.e. Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Target for contact #1) BUT leaves
all exit strategies for contact #2 in place (i.e. Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and
Profit Target for contact #2). Note that contract #2 itself was closed before
its profit target was met (i.e. contact #2 was closed prematurely)

3) Here is another serious issue. Now exit strategies
associated with contract #2, become new working orders for entry. As you can
see in the video clip, the original Profit Target for contract #2, a price
level where contract #2 was intended to be closed at, became an entry order,
upon whose execution, Multicharts closes the original Stop Loss and Trailing
Stop for contact #2 leaving the new entry exposed to market volatility. This
should have NEVER happened.  Multicharts
should have managed the 2 contracts separately and independently exactly as how
the trades were entered without any manipulation. For a trader, price levels
for entry and exit are selected for a reason and what Multicharts does
completely defeats a trader's strategy. As I stated in my original post and bug
report, this is a bug, which makes MULTICHARTS UNUSABLE FOR TRADING MULTIPLE

I don't have an option to attache the video clip to this bug report but it can be found here http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16022

BTW, I use MultiCharts64 Version 8.5 Release (Build 6851).

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