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Open Feature request MC-1394

The ability to have 1 pixel between all candle sizes (8, 12, 18 and so on)

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It would have been nice if you could make it an option to have 1 pixel in between candles/bars for all candle sizes.
I guess the most used Bar Spacing numbers used by MC users is 4 and 8 and with Bar Spacing set to 4 one have the ability to have 1, 2, 3 and 4 pixels in between the candles. But with Bar Spacing 8 and 12 which is the next actual candle size options after 4 one are forced to have no less than 3 pixels in between the candles. With Bar Spacing 18 which is next actual candle size in line one are forced to have 5 pixels in between.
If one do not specifically need or prefer 3 or 5 pixels in beween the candles/bars then it just takes unecessary space in the charts. Personally I would prefer 1 pixel in between for all candle sizes, because this also gives me a better/closer feel with the flow of the candles/bars for each swing.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Can not be reproduced. For illustrating what the difference with 1 and 3 pixels with MultiCharts Bar Spacing 8 would look like see attached picture.

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