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Open Feature request MC-1489

Password & 'screen'/change lock ability in MC

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Ability to lock and password protect changes of certain areas in Multicharts to support following use cases.

Use case 1 - Protect from unauthorized access
It is more common and popular that trades run software in VPS, Virtual Private Server in the 'cloud' to get high reliability and availability, e.g. redundancy of internet.
To protect the trading platform from unauthorized people e.g. datacentre maintenance
staff, it would be of great benefit if MC can be locked and protected when it is left (like windows lock screen).

Use case 2 - Segregation of duty
MC users want to allocate their desktops and workspaces for different use, for example; different environment and different accounts, different strategies.
a) a workspace for live automatic trading of strategy using certain account and
configuration, b) a workspace for research and testing with different account
and configuration, c) etc.
The ability to 'lock' and password protect a workspace helps reducing the risk of unwanted changes by mistake. Would solve use case 1.

Use case 3 - Segregation of duty - shared environment.
Small trading teams may co-work on strategies and share MC environment running strategies over several accounts. The ability to lock and password protect trading and configuration settings on a level that protect changes by e.g. mistake that impact different accounts. E.g. could potentially be achieved by functionality addressing use case 2 or perhaps on lower level if trading can be done on other levels than charts in the future. E.g. via the scanner.


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