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Open Feature request MC-1508

Box (aka encapsulation) bar style / equivalent to Hi-Lo indic. intraday on intraday

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I have noticed many other traders would love a "box" bar style available
as standard, where you can plot the action of a higher time frame on a
lower time frame.
I enclose a picture taken from FibonacciTrader, where a 5min (higher
time frame) action is plotted on the same 1min charts (lower time
frame). They call it "encapsulation tool", Ninjatrader calls it "HiLo",
and both are available as standard features in those packages. In fact,
you can see this as the application of MultiCharts' Hi-Lo indicator but
extended intraday on intraday, not just daily on intraday as it is only
available now.
I find this absolutely invaluable in order to monitor how a lower time
frame plays out a higher one, being both plotted together on the same
chart rather than on top pf each other. Of course the two time frames
have an integer ratio (in this case 5 to 1) so they share open and
In FibonacciTrader the box of the higher time frame is plotted for its
whole duration as soon as it opens, and then it is filled with the lower
time frame bars (i.e. the 5min box iin the picture is plotted large
enough for 5 1min bars as soon as it opens, it is not expanded gradually
when a new 1min bar appears in it). This gives you an immediate visual
knowledge of where you are at any time.
I am certain (from reading various forums) this will encounter the favour of many awaiting. Thanks for listening.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Henry suggested IChartCustomDrawer but it is beyond my programming ability

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Zoli (Zoli)
Oct 29, 2013 - 05:24

This is a great idea, it would be ideal if it would be made out of rectangles so users can change background colour for up (if close>open) / down(if close

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