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Open Feature request MC-1584

Making Unmanaged Orders Available for Backtesting (MC.Net)

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For MC .Net, currently, we have to develop two sets of order codes if we want to use unmanaged orders in realtime. The first set is for backtesting (since unmanaged orders are not supported during backtesting) and another for realtime. Make unmanaged orders available for backtesting would greatly reduce our development time (managing both codes and coding it).

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Its part of current limitation

Comments (7)
user-offline.png  orad (orad)
15 de nov de 2015 - 18:50

Please support backtesting using TradeManager. That would make a great feature combined with the new simulated Paper Trader profile.

user-offline.png  jorgevallejos (Id2)
14 de dic de 2015 - 16:35

Right now it is a giant step between development and live trading when using unmanaged orders - exactly what we don't want. Please consider adding this feature.

user-offline.png  jorgevallejos (Id2)
13 de may de 2016 - 21:04

This would be needed NOT ONLY for .NET version! The regular Powerlanguage MC begs for it!

user-offline.png  Zheka (Zheka)
24 de oct de 2016 - 16:45


user-offline.png  orad (orad)
14 de may de 2017 - 17:39

Hi, can we please raise the priority of this item? The original description is absolutely correct. Without this feature the development work is more than double, as if we're programming a strategy for two different platforms. We need to have a single API that supports backtesting, playback trading, allow trading any instruments without having to chart them (headless), etc.

I know it's a big request but it is very much needed. Maybe MultiCharts can come up with an abstraction API for trading that combines features of regular signals and TradeManager. Thanks!

user-offline.png  bomberone1 (bomberone1)
14 de nov de 2017 - 18:37

It's very usefull to learn R/R of each single trade.

user-offline.png  lordongi (lordongi)
22 de dic de 2017 - 05:12


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