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Open Feature request MC-1716

Replace Wingdings 'hack' with a handful of usable characters

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MC and its main competitor for decades now been limited to a trivial set of characters for charting (ticks, cross, point, etc.) unless one goes through the pains of trying to print on a chart using an alternate font (e.g wingdings). While this can work in the most trivial of circumstances, unfortunately when there are a number of workspaces and charts using this approach it seems to be resource hungry and causes instability in the painting of charts often requiring MC to be closed and the work around removed.
There must be good reason that we are limited to a small character set, likely the charting engine would require a significant rewrite to allow real graphing capabilities (which I assert should be happening but is likely not as of this writing). Competitive products have seen the need to catch up to today's high resolution graphics and provide more usability in this respect.
With that said, can't we at least have a handful of built in icons to tide us over at this point?  I think the following would serve to provide a reasonable small list to give a little more workability, all from the wingding font. These are taken from the function graciously supplied by Neil Wrightson.
Arrow Up   
Arrow Dn
Arrow Left
Arrow NorthWest
Arrow NorthEast
Arrow SouthWest
Arrow SouthEast
Triangle Solid Up
Triangle Solid Dn
Triangle Solid Left
Triangle Solid Right
Triangle Hollow Up
Triangle Hollow Dn
Triangle Hollow Left
Triangle Hollow Right
As a customer we should be spending our time researching the trading of markets, not trying to overcome core limitations as basic as this in my opinion.  As a developer myself I understand how we can't have everything. This, however, seems reasonable.

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Comments (2)
user-offline.png  Tradebuster99 (tradebuster)
Jan 07, 2018 - 17:41

Adding my support for this request. Except we need all arrows from the Wingdings 3 keyboard. As we look at more data, with multiple charts in one workspace, it is much easier to view many charts at once by looking at an arrow rather than a plot.

user-offline.png  MLimbert (MLimbert)
Aug 05, 2019 - 15:28

I would like to see Astrological Glyths in addition to the more varied markers please.
It's nothing new, Microsoft have them in ascii, and Metastock had them 20 years ago.

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