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Open Feature request MC-1736

Session Break at end of week

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Session breaks distort certain bar types like Renko and Range Bars by ending the bars early. With Renko bars, you can at least turn off break-on-session-close. However, doing so creates a new issue: namely, if any tick in the history is corrected / altered, the bars completely change upon recalculation. Breaking on session causes synchronization that protects against changes from previous sessions so that bars don't change on recalculation, but the distortion level can be too high due to the frequent breaking. Please make it possible to either make sessions last longer than a day OR an option like "break on week close". Either option would solve the issue by allowing synchronization of bars weekly but with infrequent distorition, and would place any such distortion at the slowest time of the week where it can be ignored on many bar settings.
An additional advantage to enabling setting sessions to longer than one day would be limiting range bar breaks to once per week; which is a major improvement for large bar sizes.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Renko bars change on historic data alterations:
Set up a renko bar chart with settings that produce 10 or 20 bars a day with "break on session close" off. Take a screenshot of the chart and label it "original-no session break". Turn on "break on session close" and take a screenshot. Label it "original-with session break". Use quote manager to remove or alter some ticks from the history that is plotted (which ones and how much can make a difference). Reload the chart. Compare the chart both with and without session breaking to the images and notice that the bars may have changed, but with session-breaking on the changes are limited to a single session, but the bars at the end of the session are not the normal size (are distorted). Any indicators on these odd bars will have distortions for a number of bars relative to their length and formulation method.
With session breaks at the end of the week, changes in the tick data (such as datafeed corrections or differences between historical and live data, which are common) limit bar changes to the time period from the change to the week break and the odd bars are limited to one bar, such as Friday at 17:00 for Forex.

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