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Open Feature request MC-1804

Protection of Bid/Ask data Integrity with QuoteManager with providers that do not store tick data in correct sequences

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IQFeed is the only data provider that I know of storing their tick data in correct sequences. So if something goes wrong one only have to reload the data from IQFeed. But if one are using some other data provider, as I do, the correct sequences stored are destroyed if the data somehow gets reloaded.
For example if one need to reload the price data itself after a connection loss the option is to reload for 1 day and so on, but this will also reload all the Bid Ask data recorded for that day when Bid Ask is applied to the chart as Data Number 2. Thus the sequence integrity provided by MultiCharts will be destroyed. I therefore wish that there was a way of protecting the integrity with QuoteManager. To me this means that I would rather have a hole in my tick data chart than having all the bid ask data sequencing for the day destroyed. I have added a screenshot as an example on how this could look like with check boxes in "Fields to Collect settings".
As you can see in the screenshot, I have added one selection that says "Do not overwrite collected data for these fields" and one that says "Do not download missing historical data for these fields".
I would really appreciate it if this could be implemented.

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user-offline.png  Laurentius (Laurentius)
Dec 30, 2014 - 22:50

Just an additional comment to this feature request.
When inserting multiple monthly contracts in a chart to do relevant back in time analysis, for example doing delta analysis on higher time frames, it would be nice to have the opportunity to make expired contracts "passive" when it comes to reloading of current contract (As you know, it is not possible to do delta analysis with Custom contracts).
For example; I have a chart with eight contracts for the same instrument. Meaning seven of them are expired. When I would like to reload for a couple of days with the current contract (with the latest MC .NET 9.0.10362 that I am using now) data for all contracts are being called. This makes the chart hang for quite some time and are thus not very functional.

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