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Open Feature request MC-1817

Add option to use bid/ask-midprice as trade-tick for FX datasources

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Currently some FX datasources use the bid price as a trade tick (like lmax) and some use the mid-price (like Oanda). Some have the option to generate a trade-tick for both a bid and an ask tick.

I am suggesting to consistently use the bid/ask-midprice for generating trade-ticks across fx datasources (like MC is already doing in the DOM-window for all datasources). Or have an option on the datasource level to do this.

This would make it easier to compare quotes/charts across providers, especially on a short timeframe and during economic releases, when the bid/ask spreads can widen substantially. The midpoint price would be the more logical choice, instead of arbitrarily choosing bid/ask for different services.

This functionaliy would also be useful for other asset classes, like for example deep out of the money options that trade only infrequently but are still quoted, or many bond issues.

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