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Open Feature request MC-1836

Roll over function/signal for custom futures

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MC automatically executes roll overs in the charting of custom futures based on conditions set by trader (i.e. Roll over after 1 day of superior volume in next contract month). So inherently, MC tracks the daily volume of contracts.
There is a need for traders to have access to that function, so traders can build a signal that actually executes the trade for the roll over; getting out of one month and re-entering the next month. 
This will eliminate outliars trades in markets where there is a signinficant difference in price from one month to the other,
The performance report becomes completely irrelevant and useless.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Can'tattached the pic!?...
It is Lean Hogs.
It shows how a short trade became over inflated in terms of profits (by roughly  16ptsx$400=$6400) because of a roll over to a much lower price into the next month contract.
The performance report becomes useless.

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