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Open Feature request MC-1877

Concept of symbol matching in Charts, DOM .... Brokerfeed vs Datafeed

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The whole concept of symbol matching is a very good thing in MC.
BUT, it should be done properly, like SierraChart is doing it.

Here the classic example:
IB is not a good datafeed, while IQfeed is a very good one.

So far I am forced to use the "bad" IB feed and pay exchanges fees to IB for the "bad" feed to be able to place orders in MC-DOM window. Also I am paying once again fees to IQfeed for their good datafeed (which is of course fine).

The whole concept should be done like Sierracharts is doing it:

You should be able to choose your best datafeed (could be datafeed or brokerfeed to use MC terms) you want to use as the basis for all your trading decissions, i would like to call it MAINfeed.

Then you choose your brokerfeed, which is only the account you want to trade into it.
The brokerfeed does not need to subscribe again to a datafeed. So this avoids paying twice for the same data.

This way you pay only the exchange fees and datafees for the "best" datafeed you have choosen for your whole trading and use the broker only for your execution based on the MAINfeed.

The DOM and CHART TRADING should be fully based on MAINfeed. This allows to use level2 data from IQfeed and all the other good datavendors. They offer more level2 levels then IB is doing (IB has only 5 DOM levels, while others have 10 or more).
So here again another huge advantage.

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