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Open Feature request MC-1926

Automatic position sizing based on Risk Amount

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When placing an entry order with a stop loss order attached to it there should be an option to automatically calculate and set the position size based on a set risk amount. When you change the entry order level or the attached stop loss order level, position size changes accordingly based on the set risk amount.
This is a basic money management technique. If this routine would be automated, it would provide traders with more time to check the quality of their trades instead of on calculating the position size manually.

Steps to reproduce this issue

AgenaTrader has implemented this very well (with even more risk and moneymanagement options). I attached a link to their online help where their implementation of automatied risk and money management is explained.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  Michael B (michael b)
22 nov. 2017 - 00:35

Excellent request. I'm also hoping for this option in Multicharts. Who will take a step ahead with this possibility. Thank you in advance!

user-offline.png  mika971 (mika971)
08 nov. 2019 - 23:31

hi ,
Please check the tool i've developped :

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