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Open Bug report MC-1948

Daylight Savings not working correctly in the area where DST is not used

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See the attached for detail explanation along with pictures.
MC V9.1 Release

Steps to reproduce this issue

See the attached.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jun 09, 2017 - 20:04
We managed to reproduce the issue on our end.

We can currently recommend to set the sessions exactly in the time zone of the Exchange. Then you will not have issues on the chart, will only be displayed incorrectly in QuoteManager.
user-offline.png  rrams (rrams)
Jul 14, 2017 - 10:23

I am so happy you are going to fix this because I live in Arizona where DST is not observed and my chart session times become incorrect every DST changeover.

I have one PC that is affected and one that isn't. Don't know why. It is a very difficult issue to reproduce, so I am amazed Alex even bothered. You are really top notch if you can figure this out.

I wrote a script that highlights the problem for me. Forgive me if it's not related to the same problem.

{ Indicator to test if Daylight Saving Time is interfering with correct time from End of Session functions.
This happens when chart is set to local time where DST is not observed and when DST is in effect at the exchange. }
inputs: SessionA(CurrentSession(1)), SessionB(CurrSessionNum(1));
vars: DT("time"), ET("time");
ET=FormatTime("HHmm", ELTimeToDateTime(SessionEndTime(1, 1)));
if (SessionLastBar) then
DT=FormatTime("HHmm", DateTime);
print(" SessionLastBar Time=", DT, " Bar=", NumToStr(CurrentBar, 0), " SessionEndTime=", ET);
plot1(Text(" ExchangeTime ", FormatTime("HH:mm", q_time_dt)), "XT", darkgray);
plot2(Text(" StartTime ", FormatTime("HH:mm", ELTimeToDateTime(SessionStartTime(1, 1)))), "ET", darkgray);
plot3(Text(" EndTime ", FormatTime("HH:mm", ELTimeToDateTime(SessionEndTime(1, 1)))), "ET", darkgray);
plot4(Text(" CurrSessionNum ", NumToStr(CurrSessionNum(1), 0)), "CS1", darkgray);
plot5(Text(" CurrentSession ", NumToStr(CurrentSession(1), 0)), "CS2", darkgray);
if InStr(DT, "time")=0 and InStr(DT, ET)=0 then plot6(Text(" SessionEndTime is wrong! "), "SE", red)
else if InStr(DT, "time")=0 and InStr(DT, ET)=1 then plot6(Text(" SessionEndTime is correct! "), "SE", green);
plot7(SessionA, "END1", green);
plot8(SessionB, "END2", blue);

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