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Access to Data-Layer --> Custom Bar Types (MC.Net)

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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Duplicated" and resolution "Not determined".

There have been a couple of feature requests already (e.g. issue 1334) but I want to report this specifically for the .Net Version as IHMO it is a must for an advanced trading platform. E.g. it is a much used feature in Ninjatrader generating own bar types like Mean-Renko, Reversion-Bars, Kase-Bars, Better-Renko, Range-Bars combined with time aspect, etc.

Access to the data-layer basically means that we can take the data (tick-data-stream) from the data layer and provide it to the presentation layer (indicators/charts/strategies) as an ISeries (or else) as we wish, generating our own OHLCV bars with our own values and time-stamp (e.g. time on open or close) - allowing even for filtering or other operations on the data.

I can post some charts as samples (not just the simple things, but e.g. filter by volume size or combine time with range), but you can probably imagine of the endless possibilities that it will bring to the platform. E.g. Everybody knows Renko, but they can't be backtested - "Better Renko" can (or at least should), and there are a lot of excellent automated strategies for it, as indicators behave often times much, much better on custom bar types. Or create a custom bar where only volume ticks are considered with more than 5 contracts (bigger buyer/seller) - the results are amazing!

From my experience with custom bar-types I can say, they are not the holy grail, but almost any strategy can make some extra ticks by using custom bar types. The platform should be flexible to allow for programming and using them (in Backtests, too!)

So please consider this much needed feature request!

By implementing this "in-between" layer you cover all of the folloing issues ( just a quick search )
issue 703 - Option to display open or close times on bars (Under Review)
730 - New Chart Style - Minutes bars with Range bars (Under Review)
737 - Continuous Bars (Under Review)
945 - Custom Bars (Under Review)
1191 - Adapting indicators t orange bar charts
1334 - Better Renko - Mean Renko - Renko Hybrid - Own bar types (Under Review)
1337 - Renko Bar in Cumulative Delta
1344 - Reversal Bars
1372 - Filtering Volume Delta Bars
1496 - Don't break on session option on Range Bars
1552 - Custom Bar Type (user written bars)
1573 - Add new Chart type 'žReversal Bars' as noise killer
1647 - Add Custom Bar Interval
1648 - TPO Bar Type
1771 - Add bars built on points/contracts/changes for non-standard charts

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It's a feature!

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Mar 30, 2017 - 14:18
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