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Open Feature request MC-1981

Risk of unlimited loss with stop-order when connection fails

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I would like to attach a stoploss to my stop-order at the broker (LMAX), so I am safe in case Multicharts crashes or its connection gets lost.
The LMAX API supports stoploss for stop-orders:
public StopOrderSpecification(string instructionId, long instrumentId, decimal stopPrice, decimal quantity, TimeInForce timeInForce, decimal? stopLossPriceOffset, decimal? stopProfitPriceOffset);
So it would be great if the MC.Net API could expose this parameter as well.
This is currently blocking for my signal to go live with MC.
See also:

Steps to reproduce this issue

1) My signal places a buy-stop-order, including GenerateStopLossPt(10).
2) I unplugged the network so MC loses internet connection.
3) The price hits the stop-order at the broker so the order is filled.
4) Result: there is no stoploss, since the internet connection from MC to broker is lost.

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