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Open Feature request MC-2018

WYSIWYG of Chart signal in AA mode

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WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

often there are huge differences between MC Chart calculation and MC Engine Calculation. But the MC Chart is that what you get when you make backtests, so you rely on your backtests. So my bid is, it is possible that only the chart signals are traded ? I do not understand why does MultiCharts not offer an additional feature in AA mode that only the realized MC Chart calculated signals are traded. Then the user can decide whether he wants his backtested system to be traded or if he trusts the MC calculation engine.
Actually the differences are too huge, and the forum is full of such posts on position mismatches.


Steps to reproduce this issue

Just watch the differences in realized fills between the broker and strategy on chart. In AA mode you see the differences with MC engine calculation. It is a known behavior for MultiCharts.
Make it is possible, where all the signals on chart,
everytime when there is a new arrow on chart shown, that this signal
with the amount of units shown above the arrow, is sent to broker as market order.
So there are only market orders, without the shortcomings of any stop and limit orders at different brokers which have to be modified, changed, deleted etc.

It should be possible that one apply his strategies on charts in a workspace but does not turn autotrade on, because then MC engine calculation takes place. So there must be one another chart for the global variables to pass the chart signals as market orders to the broker.

Thank you.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Andy
Mar 10, 2016 - 10:03

For saving the number of opened charts, the one which submitting the chart signals as market orders to the broker (with Globalvariable e.g.) should be only one for one workspace or a number of selected workspaces. Meaning that on the chart with strategy applied in AA mode the broker and account is chosen, but for Autotrading just for a new "AA WYSIWYG" mode.

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