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Open Feature request MC-2137

System Performance Report and Portfolio Performance Report improvements

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Me and an important community of users of Multicharts would like to have the possibility to see into System Performance Report some features that at the moment MC doesn't have:
1) Moving Average of the Equity Curve into System Performance Report...
If it would be possible also to enable / disable this feature into settings of Report and also to set the period of the Moving Avg it would be great...
It's been told me that other software like Trade Navigator by Genesis already introduced this feature and it would be a pity that MC doesn't provide it...
2) The second feature we'd like to be improved it's Time To Peek Analysis, so that it would be easier to understand what's the maximum interval between two equity peaks!
It would be perfect if in Time Analysis it would be expresses both in # of trades and also in Max Time to Recovery in numer of days, month, etc...
Both features are easly codable in Excel but would be better if they would be improved also in MC and if possible also in Portfolio Performance Report!
3) Give the possibility in settings of Strategy Performance Report to hide charts relative to Max DrawDown expressed in percentage, because most traders uses fixed size in backtest and has no sense to calculate DD in percentage, since it would be different to find it at the beginning or at the end of the equity curve.
Best regards

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user-offline.png  endystrike (andrea_nebiolo)
Nov 22, 2016 - 08:30


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