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Open Feature request MC-2205

Playback is too limited with the bar settings

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1) I have found the the Global playback function to be excellent on MC for day/week/month settings. However, when I try to use the Global function for the 1 hour (60 minutes), 4 hour and daily time frames together it is very cumbersome. You aren't catering to the use of these mid time frames. I have to use either the 1 minute (60x 1minute) which requires 60 one minute increments before the hour bar will form and move to the next one. This is very, very slow and painful. I could also use the 10 minute but even this would require 6 increments before the 1 hour bar is completed. The next available time is 50 minutes. This seems a very odd choice for MC to use. It doesn't suit the hourly bars at all.
So could you make available a function where with one increment, an hourly bar will move from one bar to the next. Maybe a 4 hour increment would be worthwhile as well.

2) Another nice feature would be to make it so the volume bar can still be seen when I use the cross hairs to align price with volume. I have a white background and black bars as this is much more printer friendly and is what people are used to because of newspapers (Black ink on white). However with this background (instead of black), the volume bar disappears when the cross hairs are over them. The only way around this at present seems to be to make the volume bars very thick which partially solves the problem but isn't ideal.

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