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Open Feature request MC-2209

Chart Trading "Reverse" function generates two separate orders instead of just one "big" one

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The "Reverse" button function as implemented by the Chart Trading module is not cost effective, when smaller Forex or Metal lots are traded with Interactive Brokers:
When the "Reverse" button is used, two separate orders are generated. One to close the current position, and another one to open the reverse position. Most brokers, like IB, charge a minimum commission for Forex or Spot Metals. So, for example, the commission for 50k GBP.USD is 2.00 USD, and for 100K GBP.USD it is also 2.00 USD. Using the reverse function for these smaller orders means double commission costs per reversal; in the example given 4.00 USD instead of 2.00 USD. This is causing unnecessary costs and from my perspective, it is not expected behavior. I suggest to implement an option to generate only one single reversal order when the "Reverse" button is triggered.

Please see also MultiCharts Forum

Steps to reproduce this issue

Open a Forex (eg. GBP.USD) or London Spot Metals (XAU.USD, XAG.USD) position with e.g. Interactive Brokers.

Reverse position by using the "Reverse" button of the Chart Trading Module

Two orders will be generated: one to close the current position, and one to open the reverse position.

For each of the two separate orders, the broker will charge a commission. In case of smaller lot sizes (e.g. 50k GBP.USD), the minimum commission of 2 USD will be charged two times. This way the commission for the position reversal will be two times as if just one reversal order would have been generated.

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