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Open Feature request MC-1084 » Open Feature request MC-2281

Built-in, integrated documentation about keywords and concepts

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Hi guys,

I always admired your PM platform and inovation around the new features built in Multicharts. Nonetheless, please admit & fix the documentation issue. Following points apply:

1) Existing benchmark is way up higher: Tradestation has built-in HELP Doc which is context sensitive & has (Reserved Words, Functions w/ syntax&examples, and Terminology).
2) Each and every keyword has an example - with default or key vaules described for these keywords. For Multicharts, people still have to email to get clear definition of the custom standard deviation ... and although your Support personell (kudos to Henry) is second to none, it doesn't scale ...
3) Your Multicharts.NET documentation is even worse ... there is no clear equivalence path between concepts in EL and concepts in .NET API you provide. "BarsSinceExit" requires a full web research or email support just to understand how it's been done in MC.NET ... it just doesn't help you guys.

Improve your docs and you'll get way higher adoption rate. I hope you still care about this product!

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