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Open Feature request MC-2329

Bloomberg EMSX

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Add the possibility to trade from multicharts to bloomberg by their execution and order management system.


Here you can find EMSX documentation:

EMSX allows you to seamlessly route single name or baskets/lists to more than 1,300 brokers representing more than 6,000 algorithmic/DMA, program and cash-trading destinations.
Bloomberg Execution Management Solutions –composed of Bloomberg Execution Management System (EMSX), Bloomberg Indications of Interest (IOI) and Trade Advertisement, and Bloomberg Transaction Cost Analytics (BTCA) – supply the optimal blend of data, integration, connectivity and ease of use to achieve best execution. Optimize trading workflow, increase global broker neutrality and connectivity, and assess your trading performance.
By integrating Bloomberg’s market data and content with real-time and historical trade data, we can provide trade analytics that are integrated into your workflow. Use pre-trade tools to identify and address outlying orders that need attention. Then rely on BTCA for post-trade analytics and reports that help assess transaction costs and optimize trading performance.
For the buy-side, EMSX provides access to algos, dark pools, cash desks and ECNs. For futures, destinations include algos and direct market access (DMA), and for options, an integrated platform includes RFQ. Additional features include pairs trading, basket trading, a programmable API in Excel, real-time TCA, and access to our pioneering trade-cost model and the Bloomberg FIX network.
For the sell-side, EMSX offers an advanced multi-asset execution tool with no-fee access to client order flow, analytics on client orders and the widest algo distribution platform in the market.
On the buy-side, our global network of more than 2,500 broker destinations helps traders and portfolio managers discover liquidity and run broker analytics to determine which brokers and venues can provide the best execution. Filter relevant IOI content and set alerts on select names by integrating this content with Bloomberg lists and market data. Broker rankings draw from our broad and global network to show advertised trade volume, so you can assess which brokers provide the greatest liquidity.
On the sell-side, we provide access to the largest community of buy-side traders and portfolio managers in the world, along with the tools to successfully market liquidity and execution services, and to measure performance.

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