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Open Feature request MC-2334

Exact entry date times for trades with Bar Magnifier ready to export performance report

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it is possible to check a strategy intrabar with bar magnifier. If I check a strategy on 1 minute or ticks I would like to get the exact performance report with the exact entry times of the trades and MAE, MFE, etc. like in other Performance Reports, too. It should be ready to export to Excel, like other Performance Reports too. Because MultiCharts does calculate it in background, it should be possible to see the calculated results exactly too. Actually this is not the case. Please allow this feature. Then on a daily strategy with stops etc. I can see the exact entry times within the day when I check the strategy with intraday data. Thanks.


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user-offline.png  RGTrading (rgtrading)
Oct 03, 2017 - 14:55

This would make like a lot easier when using MC. These are the kind of things that you could get from looking at other newer platforms like Algoterminal and taking some ideas from in regards to useability. Check out the recommendations I made about enhancing MC by taking useability Ideas from Algoterminal and other platforms.

Algoterminal Website:

Algoterminal recommendations

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