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Open Feature request MC-2341

Read from file

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Read from file.
The powerlanguage editor has the PRINT keyword to write on a file, but an instruction to read from a file is missing.
May be something like that:

 GET ([OutputTarget],Expression1,Expression2,etc.)

Currently the only possibility to exchange data among Multicharts applications is to use the Global Variables (but they have a limit of 10,000 locations) or an external .dll - EL Collections (but data cannot be exchanged among multiple Portfolio Trader sessions), and their use is not so friendly.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  Gaetano (gaetano)
Oct 22, 2017 - 03:26

In the last days I tried to use Global Variables to exchange data between 2 Portfolio Trader sessions, but it increases the RAM usage too much (it takes around 15GB RAM with 30,000 variables and 2 PT windows). So I'm currently looking for a better solution.

user-offline.png  mady (mady)
Jul 27, 2018 - 14:49

Please address this issue as it makes it a lot of sense for traders using third party softwares alongwith with MC for trading.

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