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Open Feature request MC-2385

when unable to draw "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" Cumulative Delta chart, display a warning message

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In a support query, Svetlana advised that on a "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" Cumulative Delta chart, when "there is no Ask/Bid data in the database, “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm shall be switched to "Up Tick vs Down Tick"."
I found this a very risky problem because "Ask Traded vs Bid Traded" and "Up Tick vs Down Tick" are two very different methods to draw CD chart, and they deliver different information to traders.

So my request is that: if the program falls back to "Up Tick vs Down Tick" method to draw the CD chart because necessary bid/ask data was not available, -> display a warning message of this behavior, so that user can handle accordingly.

Hello, Leon,
If there is no Ask/Bid data in the database, “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm shall be switched to "Up Tick vs Down Tick".
But some data feeds including GAIN capital, the data feed you use, provide data with tick statuses (Ask Traded vs Bid Traded). It means, in your case “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” algorithm is executed without Ask/Bid data in the database.

In case you have any questions-feel free to ask our support team.

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Best Regards,
Svetlana Chunosova
Customer Care Specialist
6:30 am - 2 pm EST
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