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Open Feature request MC-2456

Add INTRADAY margin orders type for italian broker WEBANK throught its proprietary T3 Open interface software

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Webank (Italian Broker) allow to place INTRADAY margin orders ( trades must be close within the day) on futures with a LOWER margin requiremente than regular margin.

EXAMPLE: To buy a MiniDax the regular margin is 4500 Euro but if you buy it as an INTRADAY MARGIN order the margin required is just 1000 euro.

If for example in my account I have 2000 euro actually with Multichart everytime I try to send an order I receive the "insufficient liquidity" error and the order is rejected.
I talked with Webank and they suggested to verify if multichart are sending the correct type of order and indeed I discovered this issue.

It should be a really easy fix because the only thing needed from MC programmer is to change some parameteres for the order string.

I'm not sure how many MC users are actually using WEBANK but it would be a really appreciated feature because it's really hard to run 2 or 3 strategies on a simple minidax (that woud require more than 12k euros of margin) so imagine how it could be on the big DAX future....

As stated, more details is better so :

If you look at the T3 OPEN manual (T3 Open is the software from webank that connect to MC) you can see that the from the push flow of data (for example for EUREX) they have the keyword / parameter

"cred_cassa_cd_eurex" wich is the INITIAL MARGIN REQUIRED for the Eurex instruments

and then they have the

"cred_cassa_marg_cd_eurex" that is the INTRADAY MARGIN CREDIT for the EUREX instrument.

I think that this PARAMETER is the only thing that differenciate a normal order from a intraday order... so to solve this issue it would probably require to just use the other parameter to the order string construction.
The T3 OPEN manual is here (https://www.webank.it/wscmn/doc/ret/Manuale_T3_open.pdf )

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  BBurnout (Marzio Darrigo)
Jan 14, 2022 - 12:02

It's a very important feature....that permit to optimize the use of equity.
Could be a simple flag to check when you have a chart or DOM connected to webank so you could have a choice to flag it or not to flag it.
Thanks in adavance to consider this implementation.

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