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Open Feature request MC-250

Indicator on indicator

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I would like to calculate Bollinger Bands on MACD moving average.
See screenshot attahced.
Many thanks in advance.

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Comments (6)
user-offline.png  Admin (administrator)
Apr 06, 2011 - 19:37
user-offline.png  Fabrice (fpa)
Apr 22, 2011 - 09:13

Being able to display indicator of indicator becomes trivial. It is possible to do it with PowerLanguage, but it is much more easier to do it graphically, especially for people new to MC. When we add an indicator, we should be able to select that it applies not to a data series, but on an indicator. For example, adding BB on an MACD subchart.

user-offline.png  Hubace789 (Hubace789)
Jan 23, 2013 - 22:16

When purchasing MC.NET a little while back, I had assumed this was an automatic feature. I am actually shocked an indicator cannot be added to an indicator. Not even a Moving average to RSI for example. It is not reasonable to compile 2 studies into 1 to create this effect, especially for the user with zero C# or .net experience.

user-offline.png  napalm (napalm)
Mar 19, 2013 - 19:04

yes i also would like to add an indicartor to another indicator, eg a moving average of williams AD

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Sep 12, 2013 - 15:11

For regular MC only, not for .NET.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Oct 02, 2013 - 15:44
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