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Open Feature request MC-2562

Quote Manager and Chart Progress Indicator

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When requesting data for a chart from a data provider (e.g. Rithmic) it would be helpful to display some sort of indicator (% Downloaded) or progress bar to provide feedback/insight to the user so that they have some expectation or estimate re: data received, data remaining.

In a chart, the word "backfilling..." appears. Unfortunately, it's the same color as the rest of the text in the status bar and for some new users can be obscure from view. Preferred would be an indicator showing % backfilled rather than simply the text "backfilling". 1%, 2%, ... 10%, ... 50%... 99%. Or a filling pie/circle or a progress bar. Such text would be best rendered 'blinking' or highlighted (black text against yellow highlight background).

The QuoteManager does show progress on the event log for one or more instruments that are downloaded. If 30 days of tick data are being requested, and backfilling is being executed, one could easily parse the data being received to determine where we are in the expected data set using the date and time of data 'bundle' received and calculating how many days / how much time are remaining before we get to 100% downloaded.

Also, it would be great to take the same % downloaded and show that same information next to the symbol in the QuoteManager as well, or multiple indicators (one next to each symbol for which data is being collected).

Again, this would be a great indicator for all users to gain better insight and set expectation with regards to data requested.

Thank you,
Gregory Wexler (WildWex)
tel: 818-783-8807

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