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Open Bug report MC-370

Cyrillic Encoding Problem in Quik

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Please see the screenshots, which are self explainatory.
Note: I tried switching system locale to Russian and encoding appeared correctly.
This might appear as if the problem has been solved, BUT, and I have seen many situations, when some 3rd party multilingual software forcefully install itself (without asking) in the language specified in system locale. This is the reason my system locale is set the way it is.
Please investigate.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Installed OS:  Windows 7 x64 professional, English
System Locale: English (Canada).

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  geizer (geizer)
Sep 18, 2011 - 01:25

Is quik issue still considered to be fixed ?
I just don't see it among the issues targeted for v7.1

user-offline.png  Dave (Dave)
Sep 19, 2011 - 17:49

Hello Geizer,
We have the issue inour fix list. However, it won't be done in MC 7.1 because the issue is a complex one and not easy to fix.

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  • /pm/public/files/show/161
    Current System Locale.PNG uploaded May 21, 2011 by geizer (geizer)
  • /pm/public/files/show/162
    OS Language settings.PNG uploaded May 21, 2011 by geizer (geizer)
  • /pm/public/files/show/163
    Encoding Problem (system locale is not Russian).PNG uploaded May 21, 2011 by geizer (geizer)
  • /pm/public/files/show/164
    Encoding is OK (system locale set to Russian).PNG uploaded May 21, 2011 by geizer (geizer)
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