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Open Bug report MC-414

MC 7 beta 3 crashes with IB TWS 918

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I have updated TWS from TWS 917 to TWS 918 and MC crashed after 2 days. I have downgraded to TWS 917 but MC still crashes. Quote Manager could not connect to TWS 918, until I open the Configuration / API (I change nothing, just open the window and QM can connect).
I am not using MC 7 beta 4 because it always crashed.
At this point, I cannot use MC anymore, even with TWS 917. Quote Manager runs ok.
OS: Windows XP SP3

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use MC beta 3 under Windows XP SP3 with TWS 918. Quote Manager will not connect to TWS. After "a while", MC will crash at start.

Comments (4)
user-offline.png  Stan_MultiCharts
Jun 14, 2011 - 09:17

We have created updaters to accomodate for the latest change in TWS. Please download the approriate archive based on the program that you have. Then close MultiCharts and all related applications. Make sure these processes have terminated by checking your Task Manager: 
MultiCharts Processes:

Run Updater.exe and click the button Update. Click Close when the screen says DONE. Restart MultiCharts and try connecting to IB. 
If you are still having any issues, please come to our Live Chat for further investigation.

user-offline.png  Fabrice
Jun 14, 2011 - 10:22

I have applied the fix. It solves the connection problem to IB (TWS 917). But MC still crashes at start. I have then upgraded TWS to version 918 but MC still crashes. Quote Manager works ok.

user-offline.png  Stan_MultiCharts
Jun 14, 2011 - 10:24

Please come to our Live Chat for furhter investigation

user-offline.png  Fabrice
Sep 13, 2011 - 16:19

Just to close this ticket... The issue has been solved with the release 7.0. I have to say a big thanks to the support, as they have worked on this problem and gave a a solution before the release of 7.0.

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