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Open Feature request MC-425

Back up qoutemanager

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I think that it's time to have a backup aotomatically for quotemanager, so before we formatting our pc or install new version of multicharts, we before do a backup off all our symbol and setup and data of quotemanager, we format the pc, reinstall the mc and load the file of quotemanager back-up, that all.
Now evry time i format pc we should take hours to setup all symbol list, plice scale, tick size, min mov...margin ect... a big waste of time.
Please do it with a single click like tradestation or ninjatrader.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Click on do backup and afther done click on restore backup.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  laurent68 (laurent68)
Aug 18, 2011 - 13:12

you could zip C:\ProgramData\TS Support\MultiCharts\Databases
with all software MC closed
and overwrite in the new computer.
It could and before this feature will be done
Backup was already asked and not yet implemented

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Nov 10, 2011 - 15:59

There is "export all instuments" function under File menu in QuoteManager in MC7. It makes the process much easier.

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