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Open Feature request MC-426

decimalization issue

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the decimalization is wrong on the S&P 500 in MC's DOM. the decimalization should be moved over two places to the left to show, for example, 1272.50 instead of 127,250. charts plotted in MC on this symbol show the correct 1272.50. so i really don't understand why the DOM shows a price 100x too big from the actual price of the E-mini. MC tech support told me that MC just shows whatever they get from TT. but i used to use NinjaTrader powered by TT and they showed the correct number displayed. so that response doesn't satisfy me. my Introducing Broker told me to tell you the following: "tell MC that our other platforms (like Ninja and Tradevec) have internal edit settings to adjust incoming data. they should have that somewhere in their platform. if they don't, they are going to have to add it." and "this is a decimalization issue. there should be a setting somewhere in MC to adjust certain things like tick size and POINT value. you might also need to tweak the symbol map, but it sounds like it is one of the other settings to me. On Ninja, the settings are .25 for tick size and 50 for point value. the TT symbol should be set to ES|100."

Steps to reproduce this issue

just pull up a DOM in MC and type in the symbol for the E-mini and you should see the issue.

Comments (5)
user-offline.png  Stan_MultiCharts (Stan_MultiCharts)
Jun 15, 2011 - 16:43

That's how Trading Technologies sends the numbers, as whole numbers. The settings in QuoteManager are: 
PriceScale = As is
minmove = 25
BGP = 50

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Sep 09, 2011 - 17:42

This issue is really important. I think it's a bug in the '1/100' price scaling.
Also, i'd like the DOM to show '1272.50' instead of '1,272.50'. Windows numbering format can't help here.

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Sep 24, 2011 - 12:38

I completely agree, this should be a fundamental basic to a platform. Especially when you want to merge data and the price feed from your broker is different from an incoming feed such as IQFeed are diffrent multicharts needs to add a multiplier in there to get the two prices merged together acccurately so everyone can backtest and trade live their strategies. All other platfroms such as ninja and neoticker and tradestaion said its a simple fundamental fix that needs to be there. Im sure multicharts team will fix this as they are a superb team.

user-offline.png  MikeD (MikeD)
Oct 06, 2011 - 07:40

My issue with the E-mini S&P DOM is that the profit is listed in "pips" rather than US dollars and cents. There does not seem to be any way of correcting this even though the profit is shown in currency on the chart itself.

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Oct 06, 2011 - 14:38

I agree that this issue is critical to the funcionality of MC.  This occurs will all TT symbols not just ES.  It is critical because TT only provides real time data and to make this usable it needs to be merged with a data provider such as IQFeed that providews historical data, but this cannot haappen as MC stands today due to this issue with the way TT data is handle by Quote Manager.

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