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Open Feature request MC-442

Lock Chart Location and disable various rearrange options.

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Here is the link. It is described well there.
Short form:
Ability to lock the charts that are at the edge area of MC to be always there and to lock their size if we wish either in both directions on only in the vertical size direction so that we can make the charts wider or narrower if we wish. Also to be able to store this setting so we can hit a button to bring it back if we wish. I often want to make a chart wider to see more bars and make the chart next to it narrower because I do not want to see as many bars on that chart. It all depends on how the waves in the market have formed. However making the charts higher or shorter I never change. Some charts (1 minute bars and 10 second bars) are maximum hight. Others are exactly 1/2 this height so I can see for example 5 minute bars and 10 minute bars above/below each other. Once a chart is set to a certain height I never change it except or special situations such as writing out a BMP file or PNG file. So in that case I would unlock the positions and move the charts then I would want to click the lock button again and the charts would all move back to their locked positions against the edges and also the same height. the charts that are split equally above/below each other would have to have a % setting or % of height of the full chart area.
Related to this, the normally windows tiling and other windows settings are probably seldom used by traders so it should be possible to get rid of that. Also Maybe a few template settings could be stored.
Please see my comment below regarding having a menu for chart positons with 36 chart positon settings we could choose (all of which could be accessed with a sendkey sequence Alt+C+1, Alt+C+2, etc to Alt+C+Z).

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Comments (2)
user-offline.png  John Bowles (bowlesj3)
May 16, 2012 - 14:01

I just tried detaching two charts from MC (1min and 10sec) so that Macro Express could move and size it for special viewings where I want to see more bars than normal. I decided to put the chart back inside MC because.
. . 
1/ when I click on a chart that is still inside MC the MC background will come up infront of the detached chart. It is unfortunate MC did not have an option here to force all its charts to the front even if they are detached.
2/ the other problem was these charts kind of toggle. I had to use a special Macro Express command to bring them to the top of the list.
3/ Other reasons that are not related to MC.

The solution:
The solution is to have a special menu in MC where chart settings can be located. I am thinking of a menu that is in the file and view menu area. It would be here that we can see the descroptions and short cut keys of the various chart settings we have chosen. In my case I may have 4 or 5 of them in the list when I get at that menu. This would need to be activated from a sendkey sequence from another program such as a Database or Macro Express. so for example if (Alt+C) was sent it would open the "Chart Positions" menu where the list would be send. If another key was sent after this from (1 to 9 and A to Z) then this would allow us to send keys for up to 36 chart positions. So this would move all our charts in that workspace to these positions instantly basically. Trust me, the traders would just love this feature since they never seem to have enough screen space.

user-offline.png  John Bowles (bowlesj3)
Aug 12, 2012 - 11:38

Below is a paragraph that explains how it would be handy if MC could force charts in place for a user allowing the option to force in place 1 or more borders/edges to specfic locations. Some users may want all 4 borders forced in place or maybe even only 1 border and the other borders remebered from the previous shutdown of MC.
Related to the tool bars being locked in place now, just for everyone's info, because I now have a long overdue 3rd monitor to work with, I tried detaching [the larger charts (5min,10min,15min,30min,60min) which I have arranged in two rows on the far left monitor] from MultiCharts so that MacroExpress could size these charts windows. I wanted MacroExpress to force in place ONLY the top and bottom border/edge of the two rows of charts. This would allow me to manually adjust the left and right border/edge of those charts depending on the waves I saw in the market (what chart the waves appear on) and how many bars I need to see. Unfortunately MacroExpress can not size only the top/bottom border/edge of a chart so I put them back inside MC. I have a feature request for this actually (see below). It would be handy and 4 votes are already in for it. I suppose I could have a special MacroExpress macro that sets these windows (all 4 borders) but I would have to make sure it only runes once during the day so that my left/right border/edge positions were not disturbed after that.

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