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Open Feature request MC-453

Chart Trader Panel to always remember user settings for each account.

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1.) Each time I open the platform, I have to change the following input fields I use in the chart trader panel, i.e. select account #, change the DAY input field to GTC, enter the quality lots I trade for forex, and go to the exit strategy and double click on the Bracket Order, and Breakeven strategy icons to turn them on again 'with green check'. I wish the chart trader panel would remember these settings each time I open the MultiCharts platform.

2.) When I change accounts; selecting the pull down arrow in the chart trader panel I have to again double click on the Bracket Order, and Breakeven strategy icon or any other exit strategy icon I had turned on in the other account # and turn them back on again for this other account #. Again, the chart trader panel should remember the settings between accounts so I don't have to keep rechecking them to turn on.

This can be a problem if I change accounts in a hurry and open an order that gets filled and forget to check that the exit strategy Bracket Order, and Breakeven strategy icon are on. I don't have to tell you what would happen if they weren't turned on if I use a 10 tick stop and the market is 50+ ticks against me simply because I didn't have the exit strategy Bracket Order, and Breakeven strategy icons turned on.

Wish a feature could be added to DT panel to allow the user to check a box that would remember the settings from one acct # to the next. In other words, if I have acct #1 set up one way and acct #2 set up a different way in the chart trader panel, then DT would always remember the settings I set up in both acct #'s. Please consider this in the next beta release of DT thanks.

Steps to reproduce this issue

All you have to do is double click on any of the Exit Strategy icons to turn them on. Then select a different account # and the Exit Strategy icons if turned on will be turned off. Now go back to the first account # that you turned the Exit Strategy icons on and you will see they are turned off.

As I mentioned at the bottom of the issue description, if this is a broker issue as in my case it seems, than MultiCharts should add a check box for the user to tell Chart Trader panel to remember all the settings for each account the trader has with that broker.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  disputin (disputin)
Sep 06, 2011 - 18:43

Currently, chart trader offers the possibility to create "Place Order" and "Exit Strategy" templates. The problem descibed in this issue can be solved by offering the possibility to create chart trader templates which store information on the selected exit strategy, the number of lots, and order additions (GTC, ...). Each broker profile could offer a selection for the prefered chart trader template, and in the Multicharts preferences (File->Preferences...) there could be an option to choose a standard chart trader template which is used in the case when no chart trader template is selected in the broker profile preferences.

user-offline.png  disputin (disputin)
Sep 07, 2011 - 07:58

Chart trader templates could also be associated with financial instruments such that the user would be able to choose a standard chart trader template for each instrument, and each time the user opens a chart for such an instrument the standard chart trader template for that instrument would be loaded.
A chart trader template should also store the information found under the context menu "Format Chart Trading...".

user-offline.png  disputin (disputin)
Sep 07, 2011 - 08:18

Another way to solve the problem would be to introduce chart templates which store even more information than chart trader templates. A chart template should store all the settings of a chart found under the context menus "Format Window...", "Format Indicators...", and some of the settings found under "Format Instruments...". Of course, all the information associated with chart trader templates (see below) should also be stored in a chart template.
Maybe it is even possible to introduce more flexible templates such that the user can choose which information of the aforementioned topics should be stored in such a template but the user should already be able to associate the template when he/she opens a new chart.
In NinjaTrader it is possible to already add a chart template when one wants to open a new chart. Why shouldn't it be possible in Multicharts, too?

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