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Open Feature request MC-470

Fibonacci and Trendlines set with Weekly and Daily bars dissappear on ex. a 60min chart

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I am not sure if I should exhibit this as a bug or feature request.
Anyhow I am wondering if you could make it so that fibonacci and trendline setups set with Weekly and Daily bars months back in time would be visible when selecting resolution down to ex. 60min.
I understand that the setups dissapear because the setups on the Weekly and Daily is also dependent of the x-axis, and when changing the resolution down to a lower time frame the setups comes outside of the x-axis time frame with the lower resolution.
If this could be solved in a way so Weekly and Daily setups would still be visible on ex. minute resolutions that would have been great. I use color codings telling me if it is a Weekly or Daily setup, and from a trading perspective being in the midst of the battle on lower time frames this becomes very important so one do not overlook important levels.
Regarding the new comming feature being able to add drawing tools to all linked charts, it would have been great to see levels showing up on a 5min chart when setting up tools on ex. the daily chart without needing to have the same time span on the 5min.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Setup a weekly or daily chart with 1080 bars and setup a Fibo setup and a trendline some months back in time where one or more levels is close to present price. Then without changing amount of bars select 60min resolution.

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