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Open Feature request MC-533

Need a way to tie array elements to a particular data series

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When working with multiple data series, it is often convenient to apply the same algorithm to multiple data series and often it necessary to access past values of that operation. Therefore, to minimize coding redundancy and tedium , it would be very useful to be able to tie individuals elements of arrays to a particular data series as can be done with individual variables now. It would be even better if the setting of series could be done using "data(N)" rather than having to use "dataN", even if it had to be done in a "once begin ... end" block. Could MultiCharts please have this ability added? As it stands now a custom DLL has to be used to do this, and function call like "GetArrayElement(variableID, dataseries, barsAgo)" is far harder to grep than "variableID[dataseries][barsAgo]".

Steps to reproduce this issue

Try to code a signal that applies the same methods to multiple dataseries and then compares results of the various data series against each other and notice how extremely tedious it is.

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