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Open Feature request MC-541

Add Watermark of Instrument Symbol on Chart

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I want to be able to put a 'watermark' on the chart. For me, I want this watermark to be the symbol of the instrument on the chart.

I used to use QuoteTracker for my intraday charting and really loved the symbol watermarked on each chart see attached file for example of QQQQ ETF. TC2000 also has a similar watermark with the instrument name...i personally only want the symbol itself.

f the image doesn't show, you can see it here -> http://www.quotetracker.com/images/qtpics/QTHistChart.gif

To me, this seems pretty straightforward but I've been having a really hard time getting this to work.

This watermark helps me to easily hone in on the right chart quickly when looking at a workspace with many symbols charted.

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