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Open Feature request MC-545

Indicator on Indicator not scaling correctly

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I have just started using MCDT and immediately noticed what I consider to be a MAJOR BUG.  MC is first and foremost a charting program. Therefore, it is critical that the charts we see on the screen are displayed correctly. anything less than that would and should be consider a major flaw in the program.
I discovered that when plotting an indicator, and then an indicator on that indicator *when both are direclty related to each other), that the latter does not scale properly.  In fact it is impossible to get it to scale the same as the indicator using the right hand scale.
On Tradestation, it works perfectly because their scaling choices are:
1. same as underlying data
2. right hand axis
3. left hand axis
4. no axis

Steps to reproduce this issue

Try this. Plot a Price Oscillator on a chart. Then plot a moving average on that Price oscillator. The Osc scales correctly to the right hand scale, but no amount of scaling choices allows the moving average to scale correctly.  In this exmaple, because the moving average is directly related to the Osc, it is critical they be aligned properly so as to give a correct reading relative to each other.
I need this issue resolved as a HIGH PRIORITY, otherwise the whole program is largely uselsss to me.
Even more amazing is the fact we are up to V7 and this problmem exists. How many people out there have never even noticed?  The problem is so obvious and fundamental I am staggered the error made it past V1 of MC. 
While one can program the combined indicator in MC to solve the issue, that is irrelevant. MCDT and MC give the user the ability to plot indicators on indicators. Therefore, they need to make sure those plots ore done correctly.
Thank you.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  AdrianP (AdrianP)
Nov 14, 2014 - 20:15

I just tried replicating this scenario to see if the probem has been fixed, but it seems to have got worse. I drew a default Price Osc then drew a 10 period moving average of the Price Osc, plotting it in the same window. Problem is I can't evne see it, and yet moving my cursor in the window shows the values of the MA. I tried altering the visual order, but like always, this never does anything. So it seems someone has perhaps tried to fix the problem, but decided to make it workse, then just leave it. Is this the normal policy with the hundred of other issueslisted by users? 
I'm blown away that something so basic and fundmantel, is still left uncorrected. This is V9 of MC. Of course I know why you don't publish what year people put in requests for new features or bug alerts. Its just way too embarassing for everyone to know how old some of these posts are. As readers and support can see though, I made the post with V7. And its still under review!!

user-offline.png  AdrianP (AdrianP)
Nov 14, 2014 - 20:43

My apologies. I jsut spent some more time trying to work out why the moving avergae was invisible. For some strange reason, when adding an indicator of an indicator, and plotting it on the same sub-plot as the indicator, MC decides to scale it basis the price of the market? Once I changed it to scale to screen the line appeared, although it is still plotting incorrect value. 
For example ther eis a point on the plot where the simple moving average line is higher than the swing high of the oscillator. This of course is impossible. A look at the actual values though show the SMA peak is actually lower in value than the Price Osc Peak. As it should be. So clearly the scaling is stil screwed up. MC needs to add an option that allows it to scale basis the indicator in the plot window.

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