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Open Feature request MC-577

List of Improvements for Chart Trader Panel

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I already read the suggestions for enhancements of the Chart Trader Panel here at Project Management of Multicharts. I want to add some aspects and summerize some points already mentioned:
1) Please add an option to display the current bid, bidsize, ask, asksize, and spread on the chart trader panel (->MC-248, MC-219). These are essential values and without them I do not want to open a position. NinjaTrader already offers these values (except the Spread value) on their trade panel. The Spread value can be essential when trading forex with five digits behind the decimal point.
2) Please add an option to display even L2 data on the chart trader panel if a user needs more than L1 data at a special situation. It would be helpful as a seperate DOM window may hide important parts of the chart elsewise. L2 data could be displayed in two ways:
  2a) DOM below the "Exit Strategy:" group (improvement to parts of MC-390) (using a Full
       HD LCD display and only one chart on a display there would be enough space on the
      chart trader panel);
  2b) "Level II window" arrangement (->MC-359) below the "Exit Strategy:" group;
Both ways make sense: A DOM is good enough for the most liquid markets, but when trading equities, or non-liquid futures markets, it can be very essentian to see a "level II window" arrangement instead of a DOM, as the spread between bid and ask in these markets can be to big for a sensible use of a DOM.
3) Please add an option to display Times & Sales on the chart trader panel below the "Exit Strategy:" group. A seperate T&S window (->MC-124, MC-313) is also desirable but may hide important parts of the chart.
4) When I click on the right bottom corner of the "Place Order:" or "Exit Strategy:" on the chart trader interface all possible order strategies of the corresponding group are shown but unfortunately when I click elsewhere on the chart trader after that, the original display status of the corresponding group is restored. I think that in some cases it is better when the original display status is not restored immediately after I click elsewhere on the chart trader. It would be nice if the display status could be "glued".
5) Chart Trader templates (->MC-453): Currently, chart trader offers the possibility to create "Place Order" and "Exit Strategy" templates. Chart Trader templates would offer even more. They would store information on the selected exit strategy, the number of lots, order additions (GTC, ...), and information found in the "Format Chart Trading" window.
Finally I want to remark that each mentioned option could be switched on/off as part of the "Format Chart Trading" window.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use MCDT (final release from 15.07.2011).

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Dec 05, 2011 - 08:32

"1)" has been partially implemented. You can see bid and ask price on Chart Trading Panel.

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