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Open Feature request MC-587

Add broker interface to CMC Markets

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CMC Markets is a broker offering CFDs on stock indicies, forex, commodities, and stock equities. They offer a data feed and a demo account without any fee but their most attractive feature is that they offer the best CFD spreads for most of the major instruments and that without any commissions to pay. They also offer good to very good spreads for stock equities and once again without commission to pay. The spreads for some instruments are even better than that of future markets though when trading futures one has to pay commissions. Here are some examples:
FDAX, US30, UK100, EUR/USD, USD/JPY have a min. 0.7 points spread,
S&P500 has a min. 0.3 point in spread,
Australian200, AUD/USD have a min. 0.8 points in spread,
EUR/GBP, GBP/USD have a min. 0.9 points in spread,
NQ has a min. 0.5 points in spread,
EUR/JPY has a min. 1.5 points in spread,
USD/CAD has a min. 1.7 points in spread,
USD/CHF has a min. 1.9 points in spread,
EUR/CHF has a min. 2 points in spread;
The best is that the min. spreads are very offen also the real spreads of the instruments and not only a theoretical spread value.
Unfortunately, CMC Markets does only offer a web and mobil trading platforms. The web platform does only have bad charting capabilities, it does not offer one click trading, or chart trading. It does not offer a scanner window, automated trading, or the ability to write or use customized indicators or signals.
I already wrote an email to CMC Markets and gave an advice to work together with Multicharts or NinjaTrader to offer a professional trading platform to their customers. Unfortunalely, CMC Markets does currently not offer an API to their broker back end but maybe my feature request and advice fall on fertile ground.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use MCDT (final release from 15.07.2011) and CMC Markets UK (www.cmcmarkets.co.uk).

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Jul 05, 2012 - 04:52

CMC Markets released a new version of their platform in July 2012. Now they also offer a L2 window for market depth which impies that their data feed contains L2 data. That should make it even more interesting to implement a CMC Markets broker and data feed interface into Multicharts. Unfortunately, CMC Markets uses a kind of order execution which not really respects exactly their L2 data (www.cmcmarkets.co.uk/platform-upgrade).
Their L2 window can also be an inspiration for an implementation of an L2 window (as addition to the current DOM) in Multicharts. CMC Markets only uses the L2 window for customer information and not for order entry purposes (no order can be entered in the L2 window) but I think Multicharts can it do better. However I think that the design (coloring, ...) of their L2 windows is really nice.

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