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Open Feature request MC-652

Trend Lines to only snap to price high/low and not to plot lines.

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Bring MC up to the Qcharts standard of having trend lines only snap to Price high or low. It should be user configurable this way.
**Current method.
** High or Low (high if the line is above) (low if the line is below).
** close (does not matter if the line is above or below).
** Open (does not matter if the line is above or below).

For those who want trend lines to snap to a plot please consider voting for this link.

It has been a while since I created that link. 
For subcharts makes it somehow so trend lines can snap to a selected plot such as RSI. I think the above link may have some ideas for it.
There is another link where some input may be found.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Turn on snap more and place a trend line and you will see it snaps to a plot and takes a fair bit of work to get it to snap to price if the plot is very close.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  bluejack (bluejack)
Oct 10, 2011 - 18:28

High / Low snapping is easy to implement.
(@MC: Lot of small fixes in the tracker can be solved in under 1 hour. Please give these little ones a higher prio. Would make more users happy with little effort on your side.)

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