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Open Feature request MC-755

Native support for global/static variables

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It would be great if MultiCharts could implement support for native PowerLanguage support of global or static variables. I'm currently using the GlobalVariables dll to share data across different charts, but it seems like a kludgy workaround at best.
In my opinion, there are several problems with using the GlobalVariables dll, or other DLLs like ADE:
1. This requires convoluted coding procedures. If I want to share data, I first have to include DefineDLLFunc statements. I then have to have several additional lines of code to manage the global variables. For example, I need multiple lines just to increment a global counter:
Count( 0 ) ;
Count = GV_GetInteger( 1 ) ;
Count += 1 ;
Value1 = GV_SetInteger( 1, Count ) ;
This can quickly turn into spaghetti code if I have multiple global variables.
2. Since the data in the GlobalVariables dll is truly "global" -- i.e., is accessible to any indicator or signal that uses the GlobalVariables dll -- there's a chance of unintended bugs if another signal or indicator attempts to use the same variable slot. For example, if another signal or function also uses the "1" slot for integers, then two separate signals or indicators will attempt to read and write from the same memory slot, with unexpected results.
3. Related to no. 2, the GlobalVariables dll can't be used for optimizations with the Portfolio Backtester, as far as I can tell. This is because there will be multiple threads that are simultaneously running backtests against different optimization inputs, but all of the threads will be reading and writing from the same GlobalVariables memory space at the same time. For example, one thread might increment a counter in a signal, and then another thread will increment the same variable again. I.e., the contents of the GlobalVariables dll aren't isolated to any one thread, but are shared across all threads, so there are concurrency problems.
I would suggest an extension to the PowerLanguage language to provide native support for global variables, without the need for a DLL and the attendant problems. I'm sure that you don't want to fork the language to make it too different than EasyLanguage. However, you could make these changes while still retaining backwards compatibility with EasyLanguage.
First, there should be some syntax to indicate that a variable is a global variable, rather than a local variable. This could perhaps be something like the following:
Global Variables:
Count( 0 ) ;
Count += 1 ;
This way, the user wouldn't need DefineDLLFunc calls, along with the cumbersome GV_GetInteger, GV_SetInteger syntax. Instead, global variables would be natively supported and could be read or written to using a syntax that is similar to the syntax for local variables.
Alternatively, you could do the same through a compiler directive, like the following:
Count( 0 ) ;
Count += 1 ;
There should also similar syntax to allow global arrays. As explained below, you could perhaps use the phrase "Static" instead of "Global." 
Second, the global variables shouldn't be completely "global" in scope, but instead should be limited in scope to instances of the particular signal or indicator. I.e., it should be roughly comparable to the "static" keyword for variables in C++, C#, or Java, in which a static variable can be accessed by all instances of a class, but can't be accessed outside of that particular class. In other words, if two different signals or indicators happen to use the same name for global variables (like two signals or indicators that both use "Count"), then there wouldn't be collisions between the two -- each signal or indicator would have its own internal global variable, and there wouldn't be a conflict between the two.
Third, in keeping with the second proposal, the global or static variables should be "Portfolio Backtester safe." I.e., there should be separate memory spaces for global variables for each optimization that is being run in the Portfolio Backtester. That way, if the Portfolio Backtester is simulataneously runing four or eight optimizations in different threads, the different threads won't be trying th access the same memory space.
I hope this isn't too extravagent a request. However, it seems really surprising to me that a modern programming language would not provide native support for global/static variables. It would make it much easier to code signals that need to share data between different charts, such as for doing things like position sizing for a portfolio across multiple charts. Thanks in advance for considering this idea.

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Comments (6)
user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
May 25, 2016 - 14:11

Has this issue been resolved. I do a LOT of optimizations in MC, and want to use Global Variables, mainly integers for an accessible control panel. 
Lew (interfool)

user-offline.png  Radar (radar)
Mar 13, 2018 - 13:31

Is there any news about if/when this feature will be added?

user-offline.png  Smokless (Smokless)
icon_reply.pngApr 01, 13:10, in reply to comment #1

'''Radar wrote:'''

Is there any news about if/when this feature will be added?

Shared memory would be better, because you forget that with dll another langage can't share values with MC !

user-offline.png  zfsamzfsam (zfsamzfsam)
Dec 14, 2019 - 03:48

provide native support for global/static variables.
It would make it much easier to code signals that need to share data between different charts, such as for doing things like position sizing for a portfolio across multiple charts.

Thanks in advance for considering this idea.

user-offline.png  Smokless (Smokless)
Apr 26, 2023 - 09:35

SHARED MEMORY should be better, many software use it to share datas with other APP;

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jun 06, 2024 - 10:43
Dear users,

Please briefly describe how you use GlobalVariables.dll in your setup, and what issues you encounter while using it now. This information will help us analyze and find the optimal solution that would fully meet your needs.

Here’s an example:

I use GlobalVariables.dll in all my strategies to dynamically change Money Management parameters, and to allow or block opening long or short positions.

  1. Another script can overwrite the data in the slot used by my strategies;
  2. During strategy optimization, only one CPU core is utilized, even though 16 are available.

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