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Open Feature request MC-778

Allow Open E Cry data source and others to be cloned and set up with different settings

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Currently, Open E Cry data source and others can only be set to connect to 1 server. It cannot be cloned and set up with different settings. If you try to do that, both will end up with the same settings. Can you allow Open E Cry data source and others to be cloned and set up with different settings? That way I can set OEC data source to connect to both OEC real and demo servers. I don't have an equity account with OEC, so I can only download stock data from the demo server, not from the real server. That's why I need this capability, besides this functionality is 'already' in the MC manual. So, why can't I clone Open E Cry data source and others and set with different settings?

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This is a missing feature (it is already in the MC manual).

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