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Open Feature request MC-801

PL Editor If statement tab jump feature

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It would be challenging to program the editor for this but none the less a very useful feature if the cursor could be put over the (IF or the then or the Else or any of the begin/end) statements for a given IF statement construct, then a key such as tab or tilde could be used to cause the cursor to jump to the next structure satement in the if statement structure.

Its usefulness would be for when the user creates a very large IF statement with a lot of commands in the BEGIN/END sections or for the very deep nested if statement sets.

It would need to wrap around back to the If statement once the last END was hit. Maybe the shift key could be used to cause it to move backwards in the rotation.

An example use would be coming back to an old script (even one that is properly lined up) and using the tab jump command to help determine where to put a comment at the end like this {END IF - Comments} that is lined up with the same indent position as the IF at the beginning. I at times use this technique to try to get my if statements to line up like VBA code. However when there are about 5 deep of END statements it can be hard to figure out where the {END IF - Comments} should go.

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