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Open Feature request MC-807

Strategy Performance Report icons and windows

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I would like to request 5 things related to Strategy Performance Report
1. I'd like to see an icon in the Toolbar for Strategy Performance Report. It's a bit of hassle when I try to open up the Strategy Performance Report window many times with only an access through 'View'.
2. When I open up 2 or more Strategy Performance Report windows, it is not easy to switch between all of them and make comparison since I have to click at the Taskbar every time to bring up front any of the Strategy Performance Report window. What I want to see is a TradeStation-like approach to this. So that all Strategy Performance Report windows are 'overlaid' on top of the main MultiCharts.
3. If possible please make comparing each Strategy Performance Report better by enabling a side-by-side Report and 'comparison analysis' of many reports (and not just separate each Strategy Performance Report from each other)
4. I cannot use my mouse's scroll wheel to navigate the Strategy Performance Report without clicking the content part of the report first. (otherwise it will be a scroll through the 'table of contents' on the left part.
5. If I try to click on the words like 'Percent Profitable', it will display Description of that term (which I already know and would not like to see again). An option to turn off the showing of Description is going to be a good feature.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. essentially no icon for Strategy Performance Report available.
  2. you will see there is an additional tab at your Windows OS's Taskbar for Strategy Performance Report.
  3. each Strategy Performance Report is separated from each other.
  4. essentially cannot roll the mouse without clicking inside the report first. it will instead scroll through the table of contents on your left.
  5. you cannot click the term like 'Percent Profitable' (to make scrolling by scroll wheel available) without activating an annoying Description (and I have to click at the cross to close that Description part).
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