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Open Feature request MC-823

Adapt the header in the Order and Position Tracker to the column width

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In the TraderWorkStation from Interactive Brokers, if the user changes the width of a column header, the description length changes with it. For example, if you make the column named 'Spread' small enough, the description changes to 'Sprd'. 'Position' will change to 'Pos', and 'Exchange' will become 'Exch'.

This is very handy, since even when making the columns smaller, the header can still be read and understood. Sadly, this is currently not the case in the Order and Position Tracker. For example, in the 'Strategy Positions' tab, there is a column header named 'Positions Match'. Since this column is quite wide compared with its contents (the word 'True' or 'False'), it can't be nicely made smaller without losing the column description. See for example the attached image for this - the column headers become unreadable if the user makes these smaller.

Suggestion: make the column headers adaptable to width of the column. For example, depending on the width of the column, the description could be something like the following:
* Workspace -> Wksp -> Wsp
* Strategy Name -> StratName -> StrtNm
* Strategy Position -> Strategy Pos -> StratPos
* Broker Position -> Broker Pos -> BrkrPos
* Positions Match -> PosMatch -> Match -> Mtch -> '=?'
* Average Price -> AvgPrice -> Avg
* Strategy Open P/L -> Strat Open P/L -> Strat O P/L
* Quantity -> Qnty -> Qty
* Instrument -> Inst
* Resolution -> Res
* Category -> Cat

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